The Circle



Have you read The Circle?

I was encouraged to read The Circle recently, and I highly recommend reading the book to you. I like to write about it here but you are not allowed to read this review if you have not read it yet, or you have The Circle in your reading list otherwise following sentences are going to spoil it for you.

P.S.: If you do not have enough time for it, you are still lucky as The Circle Movie going to release this year.

The Circle

In the beginning, I didn’t have any idea about the theme, but I knew it should be related to media and communication. After the first twenty and thirty pages, I felt that I have read this book before. I read something exactly same before, and it was when in the conference that all staff was applauding and yelling “ALL THAT HAPPENS MUST BE KNOWN.” At this point, I found the book very similar to 1984, but the modern one, the happy one, the 2013 one. Regarding slogans and the way the monitored everything, the way you have to participate in events and many other things. However, The Circle goes further than 1984.

I don’t like to work on the details and analyze the book deeply; rather I want to present a brief and useful review.
First we have to describe each person as an example of different characters. Mae can represent us, each of us is a Mae today, that struggling between her ex-boyfriend Mercer and Francis, between the real and offline world and online world. We have to decide and as Mae choose between these two. Mae was not sure at the beginning; in the book (I), she was still in a conflict between these two. But she could not find the right answer as she claimed: “It seemed insane to punish the company for its’ efficiency, for its’ attention to detail, for succeeding.” and after talking with one of the wise man, Bailey, she decided to adopt the Circle. I think we still in book (I), and we have to decide whatever we want to go to chapter II or chapter III or not.
In chapter two and three we can see that Mae picked Francis the guy even asked after sex for a rate. She preferred spending time with the Circle than her family. She still received letters from Mercer, who was trying to help her. Some of his letters are remarkable, where he argued: “We are not meant to know everything. You people (and I know that you people are most people)” or “if the Circle ended tomorrow, something worse would probably take its place … we will be like refugees or hermits … ” but Mae answered, ” the Circle is using social media to create a safer and saner world.” In part two and three we can see that there is no more hope that Mae will change, even at the end where one of the wise men, Ty told Mae that ” I did not intend any of this to happen … it is far beyond what I had in mind.” can not convince her. It is too late as we read the shark finished everything in the aquarium.

To sum up, I want to claim we are still in book (I); we can decide to live like Mercer and having real fun and friends or Francis and the Circle.
If I want to name a company that represents the Circle, I would like to say Apple, Especially when we started to wear Apple by their watches.
We have their iPhone, laptop, iPod, watches and not far glasses and many more. They can hear and watch us as there are cameras on their devices. They can have access to our bank account, and all term and conditions we have to accept like in the Circle. They make money more than some countries, and they have this power to say no or yes to the government by helping them to share information with FBI. Apple has our fingerprints, iCloud has access to all photos and videos, Steve Jobs could represent wise men and many other similarities.


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