I Probably Invented Selfie

I recently read ‘Serial Selfies’[1], an article discusses seeing ourselves through technology and mainly talks about selfies. The article talks about three videos that got viral on YouTube. Three different people that took selfies every day for a long time. The interesting fact about these three videos is how they are distinct from each other and how they can show changes to us. After all, I started to do the same thing, So I began to take a selfie every day, if you follow me, you can see how I will change till I die. As I am going to up to date, my selfie video every year on my birthday – 21st of March -.

But, at the same time, I searched through my old laptop and memory disks to find any selfies that I took so far. I found my first selfie that you can see it here.


First selfie in 2007 with a real camera.


I took it with a real camera, and as I remember, I did that because I wore the peruke without permission and I wanted to see how I look with the peruke and record that, so I took this selfie.

I also made a video with the selfies I have taken so far; it is not like the video I already addressed it as the photos are not taken every day, maybe once a month or less or more, however, it is worth watching.







1 – Rettberg, Jill Walker (2014) ‘Serial Selfies’ Seeing Ourselves Through Technology, Basingstoke: Palgrave (Chapter 3). Open Access



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