The Circle



Have you read The Circle?

I was encouraged to read The Circle recently, and I highly recommend reading the book to you. I like to write about it here but you are not allowed to read this review if you have not read it yet, or you have The Circle in your reading list otherwise following sentences are going to spoil it for you.

P.S.: If you do not have enough time for it, you are still lucky as The Circle Movie going to release this year.

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Am I Healthy?


I tracked myself for 48 hours; I recorded almost every single action I did from Saturday-20th Feb 2016 to Sunday- 21st Feb 2016. I recorded a video and used MyFitnessPal at the same time; here you can watch the video, and the app’s screenshots. You can find in this video what I Read More

I Probably Invented Selfie

I recently read ‘Serial Selfies’[1], an article discusses seeing ourselves through technology and mainly talks about selfies. The article talks about three videos that got viral on YouTube. Three different people that took selfies every day for a long time. The interesting fact about these three videos is how they are distinct from each other and how they can show changes to us. After all, I started to do the same thing, So I began Read More